Bespoke SoundFrame Grilles

To order a bespoke SoundFrame grille, we require a high resolution image that can be resized to fit the required model of SoundFrame grille.

Using the following templates, the image will need to fit the bleed size, though the section of image in this border area may not be visible.

The file type will need to be either jpeg or tiff and as big as possible – generally 300dpi, but no less than 2MB.

Generally once we receive the file from beginning to end the process usually takes no more then 28 days, however this may change if there are any artwork changes required during the process.

You then need to send us the image file so we can fit it to the requested grille size. We will send this back to you to have the customer confirm that they are happy with it. Once approved we will send to print and fit to grille.

If the bespoke grille needs to match anything (e.g. wallpaper or other existing artwork), this must be stated at the start of the procedure. Your approval is final in confirming the transaction.

SF3 (l) - SF1 (c) - SF2 (r)

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