Sound & Vision Manchester Show

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Join us on the 17th - 18th Oct.

Sound & Vision Manchester Show

Sponsored this year by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision magazine, the 2009 Manchester show is destined to be one of the best ever UK home entertainment events. You'll get one-to-one with as many as ninety-six brands and the chance to experience the 2009 What Hi Fi? Sound and Vision Award winners in action - almost a week before the awards issue hits the shelves! And if you find that must-have product, check out the show discounts or possibly win it by entering one of the many exclusive show competitions.

We'll be teaming up with our friends at Onkyo to demonstrate the awesome fidelity and dynamics of the stunning new RX series speakers in a 7.2 channel surround sound configuration powered by Onkyo electronics. We're showing the amazingly compact, acclaimed and classy Radius HD series speakers as well.

Make the day memorable for all of us: see you at ROOM 114 for some great entertainment Monitor Audio style!


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