What you really think of MA products

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Read reviews on our products from people just like you

What you really think of MA products

You’ve seen how the critics love our products, but the pros have the advantage of a dedicated listening room and the pick of system components. What you really want to know is how our award-winning designs perform in systems like yours.  We think we have the answer.

We’ve introduced 'user reviews' to all products on the site. Here you can write a review of your experience with a Monitor Audio product for the record, and for the benefit of fellow or prospective owners. It's still in its infancy right now but, with your help, we hope to build an indispensible resource for all present and future fans. If you own any of our products, why not write a review now?  Or, if you're seeking the ‘perfect’ Monitor Audio design, keep an eye out for the relevant user reviews…


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