"Exemplary" Gold 200 sets a new standard for TED Magazine!

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International acclaim from Quebec Audio.

"Exemplary" Gold 200 sets a new standard for TED Magazine!

The team at French tech publication TED Magazine have been left in awe of our Gold 200 floorstanding speaker!

"I knew the GX50 and their impressive bass performance very well, and I was expecting an even more percussive result with the Gold 200, I was not deceived!"

Remarking on the scale and quality of sound reproduction, they were amazed by the Gold 200's capabilities as it tackled a selection of music and film genres with ease.

"the impact and the depth of the bass are of of a level of quality rarely heard on speakers with such a small foot print"

"The voice reproduction is incredibly precise and three dimensional, the piano, the saxophone and the percussion are fantastic. The panorama of the two Golds extends across the entire front wall of my room, even if there's only two. I have to open my eyes to place them physically."

View the full article here, or in Volume 22 Number 05 of TED Magazine.


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