Bronze 5.1 system wins EISA award!

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Bronze 5.1 named European Best Value HT Speaker System for 2016-2017

EISA Bronze 5.1 Best Product award

We are very proud to announce that EISA have awarded our Bronze 5.1 system with the European Best Value HT Speaker System for 2016-2017.

Technical experts from 50 leading specialist magazines across 22 European countries voted. EISA said -

'As entry-level speaker ranges go, you’ll have to go a long way to find a more beautiful and better bolted together series than Monitor Audio’s Bronze. The secret behind its success is revealed in the company’s custom one-piece C-CAM cones, employed for the first time in the Bronze series and which use their entire surface to radiate sound. 

The defining characteristic of the Bronze 6, Centre and FX speakers is their sublime high-frequency reproduction, which bursts with detail and texture. Dialogue, meanwhile, is solid and focused, the speakers handle dynamic shifts with consummate ease, and Monitor Audio’s W10 subwoofer anchors the performance with slamming subterranean rumble. It’s a thrilling multichannel ensemble.'

Watch the video here > EISA Awards


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