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Custom Installation in a 22,000-square foot home in Calgary, Canada.

P.J. Aucoin and Craig Applejohn of Home Concepts AV recently finished a Custom Install project on a 22,000-square foot home in Calgary, Canada.

The project, which took 3 years to complete, is complete with 94 Monitor Audio speakers (listed below), ELAN control, tekmarNet thermostats and much more. 

Mountain View


Monitor Audio Speakers:

(2x) Gold 300 Floorstanders

(2x) Gold GXFX Surround

(1x) Gold GXC350 Centre

(5x) IWA-250 Subwoofer Amplifier

(5x) IWB-10 Subwoofer Backbox

(5x) IWS-10 In-Wall Subwoofer

(42x) CT265-IDC In-Ceiling

(2x) CT265-FX In-Ceiling

(1x) CT180-T2 In-Ceiling

(4x) WT165 In-Wall

(7x) WT150-LCR In-Wall

(3x) WT250-LCR In-Wall

(1x) Climate CL60-T2 Outdoor

(14x) Climate CL60 Outdoor

 To view all hi-res images > click here

Mountain View


Other Equipment:

(1x) Yamaha A3060B Atmos Receiver

(8x) Crown XLS1000 215 Watt/Channel amplifiers

(2x) ELAN gSC10 controllers

(5x) ELAN gTP7 in-wall touch panels

(4x) ELAN gHR200 remotes

(4x) ELAN S86A Integrated Multi-Room AV Controllers

(28x) tekmarNet Thermostats tied into the Elan system

(190x) Lighting controlled by Lutron RadioRa2 and ELAN

(8x) Perimeter security cameras

(3x) Panamax M4315-PRO power conditioners

(3x) Panamax MB1500 battery back-ups

Ubiquiti Network with 10 WAP's throughout

Take a look at this recent article from Griffin360, which details the use of ELAN's award-winning smart home control system and how Home Concepts Managing Partners P.J. Aucoin and Craig Applejohn managed the project.

ELAN Makes Calgary Homeowners True Believers in the Promise of Smart Home Control


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