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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


October 2016

Best wireless speaker under £200

Our Airstream S150 has won 'Best wireless speaker under £200' in the Wireless Speakers category at the 2016 What Hi-Fi? awards.

What Hi-Fi? said...“A highly affordable wireless speaker with bags of sonic ability”

The Airstream S150 won 'Best mains-powered wireless speaker under £200' in 2015.

BBC Music Magazine


September 2016

S150 Bluetooth speaker awarded 5 stars in BBC Music Magazine

Our award-winning S150 Bluetooth wireless speaker has been awarded 5 stars by BBC Music Choice, which features in the November edition of BBC Music Magazine.

Audio expert Michael Brook said - 

“The S150 delivers an audio performance that hammers home its lineage without any fuss - a sonic punch that belies its small size.“

“There aren't many genuinely simple to use wireless products around, but this is one of them. The fact that it also produces epic, involving sound is, of course, a big bonus.“

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June 2016

Airstream WS100 Techwalla Score

Monitor Audio takes computer speakers up a notch with its Airstream WS100 units.

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March 2016

Monitor Audio Airstream S150 review: Simply brilliant sound quality

"Simple and slightly odd-looking, but this mains-powered Bluetooth speaker is a winner as far as sound quality is concerned.

For those who don't follow the British hi-fi scene, Monitor Audio is a long-established native builder of passive loudspeakers. The kind of boxes audiophiles attached to their expensive amplifier-and-CD player setups when CD was exciting new technology."

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Expert Reviews


February 2016

S150 - Expert Reviews Best Buy

Avid tech reviewer Richard Easton has investigated the S150, analysing both the design and performance of our compact but mighty bluetooth speaker:

"there was plenty of deep, controlled thump to the bass, far exceeding what I expected for a speaker of this size."

Our deceptively powerful speaker quickly displayed its ability across a number of tracks, refusing to falter when pushed to it's maximum volume. With it's stylishly simple design and surprising ability the S150 soon earned the Best Buy title:

"The Airstream S150’s outstanding simplicity grants it a certain overall charm. It’s completely unfussy in both its design and use, and if all you want is an easy way to play music from a wired or Bluetooth source with fantastic sound quality and a more than reasonable price, it’s a tough one to beat."

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


December 2015

Best mains-powered wireless speaker under £200

"For the money, the Monitor Audio S150 is a remarkable wireless speaker."

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


September 2015

Brilliant S150 Bags 5 stars

If you’re seeking great sound from your Bluetooth device the super-compact Airstream S150 stereo speaker system should top your shortlist. October’s What Hi-Fi? tells you why.

In an entire page of positives, the magazine’s review team reckons the aptX Bluetooth S150 sounds simply awesome. Awarding an unqualified 5-star verdict, the team concludes that

“the Airstream S150 is an affordable wireless speaker with bags of sonic ability.”

Read the full review in the October 2015 issue of What Hi-Fi?

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision

A100 Amplifier

December 2014

Five-star rating for the Airstream A100

Monitor Audio's Airstream A100 has been pitted against some of its peers in the latest What Hi-Fi? Magazine test on amplifiers. The A100 was reviewed back in August of this year, and it's great to see that the A100 is still leaving a lasting impression. Right from the start the A100 impresses with its stylish design and composed, insightful sound:

"The spread of sound is wonderfully open and wide - far wider than with any rival. And in that spacious soundfield the music is crisp and clear. The level of detail is stunning, and it conveys a tune - with a great deal of composure and refinement."

The review concludes for our AirPlay® Amplifier with the following:

"...The A100's smart, sleek design is gorgeous, and its spacious, insightful sound will garner many fans."

Read the full review in the December 2014 issue of What Hi-Fi? Magazine.

Trusted Reviews

A100 Amplifier

August 2014

A100: Trusted Reviews Recommended!

Reviewer Danny Phillips has tested our A100 AirPlay® Amplifier in both music streaming and home cinema applications.

"If you’re using the A100 with an iOS device, AirPlay setup is a piece of cake thanks to Wi-Fi sharing. Just connect the device to the USB port, press the Wi-Fi button on the back of the A100 and a dialogue box appears on the device asking if you want to share Wi-Fi settings. Job done."

"...effects are dispatched with real bite but the A100’s remarkable composure means they never sound harsh or resonant, which keeps the sound listenable even at high volumes – and it certainly goes loud when you need it to. God help your neighbours."

"Another of the A100’s assets is its terrific treble reproduction. Crisp, sparkling highs breathe life into every scene and keep dullness from the door, plus it brings out subtle textures that more heavy-handed amps overlook. But it doesn’t overdo it – there’s a nice balance right across the spectrum."

On awarding the A100 a Trusted Reviews Recommended title, Danny concludes with the following:

"We love its radical, eye-catching design, which sets it apart from virtually every other sound system on the market, while its luxurious build and generous connectivity options (including AirPlay) are other plus points. But we’re most impressed by the A100’s sumptuous sound quality, which is powerful but imbued with the sort of refinement and composure we’ve come to expect from other Monitor Audio products."

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision

A100 Amplifier

August 2014

Five-star rating for the Airstream A100

Monitor Audio's first ever amplifier, the Airstream A100 takes centre stage in a What Hi-Fi? Magazine First Test! Right from the start the A100 impresses with sheer performance and versatility:

"This Monitor Audio delivers an unusually wide soundstage and populates it with a decent amount of precision. We're impressed by its refinement too. This quality isn't bought at the expense of treble bite, with the highs being delivered with a good amount of sparkle. The overall tonal balance is nicely even, with no part of the frequency range dominating."

The review concludes with a clear verdict for our AirPlay® Amplifier:

"...we feel the A100 deserves a five-star rating. It's a brave product that performs well and can be used in situations where conventional alternatives wouldnt even get a look in."

Read the full review in the August 2014 issue of What Hi-Fi? Magazine.

Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

A100 Amplifier

July 2014

Hi-Fi Choice Recommended award

Monitor Audio's very own Airstream A100 has received further praise for it's versatility and ability. With both DLNA and AirPlay® streaming delivering class leading audio quality and earning an impressive Hi-Fi Choice Recommended award in the latest review.

Adrian Justins, technology feature writer for Hi-Fi Choice examines our small but mighty amplifier:

"DLNA streaming of hi-res files is the cream on the cake, offering incredible scale and depth to recordings such as a 24/192 download of Mozart’s Violin Concerto No.4 in D Major."

"Results with AirPlay are no less impressive, Silent Shout by The Knife proves that bass extension is particularly impressive, underpinning the mid-range and high notes of the synth to perfection.'

Read the full review in the latest issue of Hi-Fi Choice.

Red Dot Design Awards

A100 Amplifier

July 2014

A100 adds a 'Red Dot' to its Five-Star Design

Having wowed the team at ‘What Hi-Fi?’ the A100 is now recognised internationally as a supreme example of design engineering by winning a coveted ‘Red Dot’ award. One of a total of 4,815 entries from 53 countries, the compact, innovative and oh-so-connected A100 network-ready amplifier impressed the 40-strong Red Dot jury of experts with an exclusive blend of technology and style. Monitor Audio’s A100 received the “Red Dot Award: Product Design 2014” at a gala ceremony held at Essen, Germany on 7 July 2014. It is now on display during a four-week special exhibition at the city’s Red Dot Design Museum until 3rd August.

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision

A100 Amplifier

January 2014

A100 shoots for the stars

What Hi-Fi Magazine highlighted the A100 amongst a handful of products as one of their 'Stars of CES'

"Monitor Audio has broken from tradition – and its established speaker business – by creating a modern, forward-thinking and radical-looking digital amplifier with AirPlay and DLNA streaming built in."

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Tobias Monitor Audio UK


January 2017

Hooked it up with cromecast audio. And sounds great. Would have liked a digital input (toslink)

Patrick Murray Monitor Audio UK

A100 Amplifier

October 2015

Great quality sound but mine has been unreliable, with dire sound interference on the digital imput both direct and wireless.

Returned to retailer under guarantee and am awaiting its return to me. Disappointed so far, and jury still out