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Daily Mail


January 2017

Daily Mail review our award-winning Airstream S150

'Monitor Audio's S150 is a Bluetooth speaker with no gimmicks - just a brilliant sound'

- Daily Mail

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


October 2016

Best wireless speaker under £200

Our Airstream S150 has won 'Best wireless speaker under £200' in the Wireless Speakers category at the 2016 What Hi-Fi? awards.

What Hi-Fi? said...“A highly affordable wireless speaker with bags of sonic ability”

The Airstream S150 won 'Best mains-powered wireless speaker under £200' in 2015.

BBC Music Magazine


September 2016

S150 Bluetooth speaker awarded 5 stars in BBC Music Magazine

Our award-winning S150 Bluetooth wireless speaker has been awarded 5 stars by BBC Music Choice, which features in the November edition of BBC Music Magazine.

Audio expert Michael Brook said - 

“The S150 delivers an audio performance that hammers home its lineage without any fuss - a sonic punch that belies its small size.“

“There aren't many genuinely simple to use wireless products around, but this is one of them. The fact that it also produces epic, involving sound is, of course, a big bonus.“

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June 2016

Airstream WS100 Techwalla Score

Monitor Audio takes computer speakers up a notch with its Airstream WS100 units.

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March 2016

Monitor Audio Airstream S150 review: Simply brilliant sound quality

"Simple and slightly odd-looking, but this mains-powered Bluetooth speaker is a winner as far as sound quality is concerned.

For those who don't follow the British hi-fi scene, Monitor Audio is a long-established native builder of passive loudspeakers. The kind of boxes audiophiles attached to their expensive amplifier-and-CD player setups when CD was exciting new technology."

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Expert Reviews


February 2016

S150 - Expert Reviews Best Buy

Avid tech reviewer Richard Easton has investigated the S150, analysing both the design and performance of our compact but mighty bluetooth speaker:

"there was plenty of deep, controlled thump to the bass, far exceeding what I expected for a speaker of this size."

Our deceptively powerful speaker quickly displayed its ability across a number of tracks, refusing to falter when pushed to it's maximum volume. With it's stylishly simple design and surprising ability the S150 soon earned the Best Buy title:

"The Airstream S150’s outstanding simplicity grants it a certain overall charm. It’s completely unfussy in both its design and use, and if all you want is an easy way to play music from a wired or Bluetooth source with fantastic sound quality and a more than reasonable price, it’s a tough one to beat."

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


December 2015

Best mains-powered wireless speaker under £200

"For the money, the Monitor Audio S150 is a remarkable wireless speaker."

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


September 2015

Brilliant S150 Bags 5 stars

If you’re seeking great sound from your Bluetooth device the super-compact Airstream S150 stereo speaker system should top your shortlist. October’s What Hi-Fi? tells you why.

In an entire page of positives, the magazine’s review team reckons the aptX Bluetooth S150 sounds simply awesome. Awarding an unqualified 5-star verdict, the team concludes that

“the Airstream S150 is an affordable wireless speaker with bags of sonic ability.”

Read the full review in the October 2015 issue of What Hi-Fi?

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Tobias Monitor Audio UK


January 2017

Hooked it up with cromecast audio. And sounds great. Would have liked a digital input (toslink)