• GOLD C-CAM Tweeter GOLD C-CAM Tweeter
  • C-CAM drivers C-CAM drivers
  • Footprint 120mm x 120mm
  • Power Total 60w
  • Driver size 3in



WS100 technology
  • Easy, Active, High Performance Wire-Free Speaker System
  • Plug n’ Play: no software required
  • CD audio quality
  • Universal: operates with PC and Mac
  • Remote control of volume, play/pause, track up/down
  • Robust, die-cast metal enclosure with pivoting action
  • 2 x 75mm (3”) C-CAM® bass drivers
  • 2 x 19mm (3/4”) C-CAM gold dome tweeters
  • Total system power 60W from 4 x integral amplifiers
  • Advanced DSP. Discrete, dedicated DACs
  • Patented SKAA™ wire-less system with WFD™ wireless protocol
  • Noise-free music reproduction: no cross-talk, dropouts, clicks or pops
  • Single USB transmitter dongle powers up to four pairs of WS100
  • Connect portables through a 3.5mm auxiliary input jack



Frequency Response

80Hz - 25kHz

Maximum SPL (each @ 1M)


Power output (RMS)

Bass 2 x 20 watts
Tweeter 2 x 10 watts 

Drive unit complement

2 x 75mm (3") C-CAM Cone Bass Driver
2 x 19mm (3/4") C-CAM Gold Dome Tweeter 

System configuration

Sealed box

Auxiliary input impedeance/sensitivity

10k ohms/300mV

Wireless system

SKAAtm 2.4GHz

Wireless range

Up to 10 metres

Signal to noise SNR


A.C. input voltage

90-264V (auto range)

Amplifier category

Class D - high resolution amplifiers

Power consumption

<0.5 watts (standby); 14.5 watts (Max)

Electrical approvals


Dimensions (each) (H x W x D)

125 x 120 x 120mm (415/17 x 43/4 x 43/4")


Silver cabinet with black glass top and black grille

Weight (each)

1.8kg (4lb)

Professional reviews



June 2016

Airstream WS100 Techwalla Score

Monitor Audio takes computer speakers up a notch with its Airstream WS100 units.

Read the full review

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


February 2013

WS100: What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision draws a Five-Star Conclusion

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision Magazine loves everything about the WS100 wireless desktop speaker system. Not only is the sound ‘seriously good’, the build is ‘reassuringly weighty and sturdy’ and the SKAA connection ‘reliable and robust’. In fact, says the mag, ‘it’s hard to believe these speakers cost just £250. If you’re looking for an instant upgrade to sound from your computer, ‘the WS100s are capable of greater scale and dynamics than many rivals at this price’. According to the experts at What Hi-Fi, ‘the hunt for excellent desktop speakers just got a little easier’. Five star verdict!

Read the full review here

Trusted Reviews


January 2013

WS100 review by Trusted Reviews

If you’re looking for an easy way to maximise sound from your computer in-room and around the home, the WS100 system will fit the bill, says Trusted’s Gordon Kelly. In scoring the system 8/10 with a coveted ‘recommended’ citation he says “…those living in the dock world will have forgotten what a difference clear left and right channels can make, particularly to the high quality audio sources provided by the DAC. In addition SKAA streaming works brilliantly. There is no lag (something which haunts AirPlay users), no trouble streaming even the highest bitrate lossless files and we heard no drop-outs during a full day's listening…We like the WS100 a great deal. Monitor Audio has combined cutting edge SKAA wireless connectivity with high class audio to produce an exceptional pair of desktop speakers which are equally happy in a kitchen or under the TV as sat next to a computer. Add to that SKAA's ability to pair with as many as four sets of WS100s and there is expandability in there too.”

Read the full review

BBC Music Magazine


December 2012

WS100 Review in BBC Music Magazine's Audio Round-Up

"In keeping with Monitor Audio's heritage, the system delivers huge levels of detail and has a surprising amount of sound, given the compact size of the speakers, largely due to its custom design."

Read the full review in January's issue of BBC Music Magazine, available now.

IT ProPortal


December 2012

Best Buy for Wire-Free Wonders

"Monitor Audio has outdone itself with the Airstream WS100 speakers. If you want a simple wireless audio solution with outstanding sound quality at a great price, look no further."

Read the full review

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User reviews

Tom Wright Monitor Audio UK


May 2014

I bought these speakers as a no-fuss hi fi alternative. All of my music is on my laptop these days either as MP3's or on Spotify. I have previously had a NAD system with MA Bronze II's; so I am used to quality sound. The Airstream WS100 speakers are excellent! The sound quality from such a small speaker is incredible. They are very solidly built and the finish is second to none. The SKAA system really works well and bypassing the laptops' sound processing electronics makes the quality of sound unbelieveable. The only criticisms I have are that the remote isn't great for range and has to be pointed in a certain way and the speakers don't go quite as loud as some. But then they never distort. Overall I would say they are well worth the money and blow away anything in the same price range (I listened to all of the competitors before buying).

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