• Subwoofers Subwoofers
  • C-CAM drivers C-CAM drivers
  • Footprint 340mm x 410mm
  • Power 500w (RMS)
  • Mode switch Mode switch
  • Class D Amp Class D Amp


AW12 technology
  • 12" Front-firing C-CAM® sub-woofer driver featuring triple suspension and 3" long throw voice coil.
  • 500 watt Class D amplifier
  • 12v trigger input allows for auto-activation when using a compatible A/V receiver or processor
  • High efficiency switch mode power supply
  • Compact sealed cabinet
  • Top-mounted control of volume and EQ are designed for easy setup and adjustment
  • Permanently fitted floor spikes can be covered with a heavy duty rubber cover for solid or hard wood flooring
  • Finished in luxurious metallic black high gloss or metallic pearl white high gloss



Amplifier Output

500 Watts (RMS) 1000 Watts (Peak)

Low Frequency Limit

27Hz (EQ1) 21Hz (EQ2)

Upper Frequency Limit

40 - 120Hz Variable

Variable Low Pass Filter Alignment

Active 4th order 24dB/octave (two-stage filter)

Cabinet Specification

Sealed Cabinet with 25mm M.D.F construction and internal bracing.

Amplifier Classification

Class-D amplifier

Driver Compliment

1 x 12" C-CAM® sub-woofer driver featuring triple suspension and 3" long throw voice coil.

Dimensions (excluding feet): (H x W x D)

340 x 340 x 410 mm
(13 3/8 x 13 3/8 x 16 1/8 inch)

Dimensions (including feet): (H x W x D)

380 x 340 x 410mm
(14 15/16 x 13 3/8 x 16 1/8 inch)

Weight: (unpacked)

22.56Kg (49.63lbs)

Mains Input Voltage

100 - 120 Vac, 220 - 240 Vac, 50/60Hz

Input Impedance

20K Ohms

Professional reviews

Trusted Reviews


February 2012

Apex earns the "Trusted Reviews Recommended" title

Reviewer Danny Phillips tests the Apex 10 AW12 package, awarding it the Trusted Reviews Recommended title and an overwhelmingly positive review:

"You certainly get a lot of speaker for your money, but it’s the shape and styling that’ll really leave your jaw hanging."

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


October 2011

What Hi-Fi? Award Winner 2011

Best style speaker package £2000+, Awards 2011. An expensive style system, to be sure, but also a fabulous one.

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Home Cinema Choice


February 2011

Apex has the pecs

"...High-frequencies are smooth as silk, speech couldn't be clearer if the actors were in the room and the rear soundstage is willfully expansive.  And with music, this system nailed the emotion and energy of any recording I threw at it. Clean, full bodied vocals, metronomic timing and wonderful detail reproduction make for a spine-tingling listen and reveal it to be a fantastic all-rounder."

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


October 2010


"You certainly can't buy a better made, better finished or (to our eyes, at least) better looking package at the price."

Trusted Reviews


August 2010

The holy grail of style speaker systems

"It offers the sort of powerful, insightful audiophile sound that you don’t automatically associate with satellite speakers, a result of the astonishing build quality and clever technology that lies within each unit."

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


June 2010

Monitor Audio raises the style bar

"It's muscular when called upon, but articulate and beautifully integrated too, with little audible sign of the crossover from speakers to subwoofer."

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User reviews

Michael Smith Monitor Audio UK


November 2011

Accurate, tight and fast bass what more could you want. it's not a bad looker either.

Angelica Libertine Monitor Audio UK


May 2011

Sweetest looking subwoofer on the market? I think it's cute! The bass fills our livingroom!

Jacob Anderzen Monitor Audio UK


May 2011

In a word, 'AWESOME' - the Apex series is my first ever experience with Monitor Audio speakers and I can't imagine needing another compact 5.1 set than these. Auditioned KEF KHT and T-series, Focal Dome and M&K, but the Apex are brilliant with music and movies alike in a way the others were not.

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