• Soundbar Soundbar
  • On-Wall On-Wall
  • Power 160 Watts
  • Footprint 1005mm x 167mm
  • AirPlay AirPlay
  • Router-free Router-free
  • 3 HDMI inputs 3 HDMI inputs



ASB-2 technology
  • Fully active, high performance soundbar system
  • 5 discrete power amplifier stages - fully digital amp technology (class D)
  • 160 watts total power delivery 
  • Wireless AirPlay®/ DLNA / UPnP music streaming
  • Proprietary 3D spatial effects, consistent in quality irrespective of environment 
  • Digital coaxial input (S/PDIF) and optical input (Toslink) 
  • 3 x HDMI input
  • Analogue stereo RCA inputs, 3.5mm Jack (auto-sensing between each input) 
  • RCA LFE sub-woofer output (auto sensing changes filter/crossover settings)
  • USB port for service, FW update and Airplay network set up
  • HDMI processing with HD 1080P and 3D pass through
  • On-screen set up (OSD) – for all advanced audio features access
  • TV remote will control volume via HDMI
  • Local controls: volume up/down, power on/standby/sleep (single button scroll), HDMI (single button scrolling 1-3), digital (single button S/PDIF, Toslink - auto-sense), analogue (single button scrolling - AUX1, AUX2. auto-sense), connect/setup button, Airplay button (toggle on/off), mute (toggle on/off), 3D audio (on/off)
  • Designed to fit Sanus™ TV mounting systems
  • Optional sturdy wall bracket with cable hole access and template installation
  • Silicon rubber stand included for secure cabinet top placement




3 x HDMI inputs
Digital coaxial input (S/PDIF) 
Digital optical input (Toslink) 
Analogue stereo RCA inputs, 3.5mm Jack
(auto-sensing between each input, via analogue switch) 


HDMI output (supporting ARC)
RCA LFE sub-woofer output (auto sensing changes filter/crossover settings)

Frequency Range

40Hz - 20kHz

Drive unit complement

2 x 51/2” (140mm) C-CAM subwoofers
2 x 4” (100mm) C-CAM midrange drivers
2 x 1” (25mm) Gold Dome C-CAM tweeters

Amplifier Power Output



Wireless AirPlay/ DLNA / UPnP music streaming

Power input voltage

Universal AC 100V - 240V, 50 - 60Hz

Weight (each)

25lbs 6oz  (11.52Kg)

Rated Power consumption


Standby power consumption

<0.5W  (increased to 20W when HDMI passthrough is enabled)


5.1 Linear PCM
7.1 Linear PCM

Dimensions inc grille, excluding rubber base (HxWxD)

180 x 1005 x 167mm
(71/16 x 399/16 x 69/16 Inches)


Proprietary 3D spatial effects; consistent quality irrespective of environment
USB port for service, Firmware update and Airplay network set up
HDMI processing with HD 1080P and 3D pass through
On-screen set up (OSD) – for all advanced audio features access
TV remote will control volume via HDMI

Local Controls:   

Volume up/down, power on/standby/sleep (single button scroll),
HDMI (single button scrolling 1-3), digital (single button S/PDIF, Toslink - auto-sense), 
analogue (single button scrolling - AUX1, AUX2. auto-sense), connect/setup button,
Airplay button (toggle on/off), mute (toggle on/off), 3D audio (on/off)


Freestanding (placed on Silicon rubber support stand - Included)
Wall Mounted onto Monitor Audio dedicated sturdy wall bracket (Optional)
Wall Mounted onto Sanus™ VMA202 TV mounting system
(Including cable hole access and template installation) 

Hex Codes

Power: 88771C62
Volume Up: 88771866
Volume Down: 8877047A
Play: 88771B63
Previous: 88770777
Next: 88771F5F
Source: 8877007E
Menu: 88773846
Mute: 88773847

Professional reviews



March 2015

ASB-2 in TechRadar's Top 10 Best Soundbars

TechRadar has listed the ASB-2 in its Top 10 Best Soundbars!

"it has some top drawer acoustic tech under the hood"

"...the ASB-2 alone is capable of filling smaller rooms with a pleasingly resonant and meaty soundfield."

More on the ASB-2 Review here: http://www.techradar.com/reviews/audio-visual/av-accessories/monitor-audio-asb-2-1235155/review

Read the full review



March 2014

Collecting a galaxy of stars, “fantastic” ASB-2 raises the bar at TechRadar

TechRadar’s James Rivington found plenty to love about our fabulously equipped ASB-2 soundbar. Scoring the design maximum or near maximum stars in five performance categories, he says “not everyone has the space to erect a tub-thumping 7.1 mega home cinema system in their living room, and with TVs and the sound they produce getting thinner every year, the soundbar is becoming a popular alternative. The Monitor Audio ASB-2 is a mightily impressive option, delivering excellent sound quality for movies, games and music as well as wireless compatibility with some of today's hottest gadgets… This is a fantastic soundbar offering superb sound for movies from a compact system. The sound is warm and rich and while shackled to the limitations of the form factor, never feels like it's under delivering…hardly an impulse buy, but it proves its worth with a raft of nifty features and excellent sound performance.”

Read the full review

AVTech Media


November 2013

ASB-2 wows at the AVTech Awards 2013/2014

Monitor Audio's ASB-2 has been presented another award! This time by AVTech Media for it's dynamism and versatility, being named as their best high-end soundbar:

"...its sound is big in scale, high-frequency effects are crystal-clear and all-important dialogue is weighty but authentic. This neat-looking, full-size networked soundbar has another role to play, as offering AirPlay and DLNA music playback via Wi-Fi means the ASB-2 can also function as a high-quality audio dock"

Read the full feature in AVTech Media's 2013/2014 Awards supplement, available free with the Christmas issues of Home Cinema Choice, Hi-Fi News, Hi-Fi Choice and What Satellite and Digital TV.

Home Cinema Choice


December 2013

Home Cinema Choice: ASB-2 Review

Reviewer Danny Phillips has assessed Monitor Audio's ASB-2 in the new issue of Home Cinema Choice, awarding the soundbar a full five stars:

"Sometimes you get a soundbar that's cut from a different cloth, taking a more refined approach to design and sound quality. The ASB-2 from Monitor Audio is one of those."

"The ASB-2 is powerful and polished in equal measure, with punchy, authoritative bass, clear, decisive mids and jaw-dropping detail reproduction. In fact, it's the latter that sets the Monitor Audio apart. It digs out the sort of subtle textures that cheaper rivals gloss over. This gives the sound an irresistible and absorbing silkiness and fluidity."

Read the full review in the Christmas issue of Home Cinema Choice on sale now.

Trusted Reviews


November 2013

ASB-2 gets a trusted review

"...the ASB-2 is worth every penny. It’s beautifully built, looks stunning and delivers wonderful sound quality, the likes of which we rarely hear from a soundbar.

Throw in a first-rate feature list, which includes AirPlay, DLNA streaming and four HDMI inputs and you’ve got yourself one of the best soundbars money can buy..."

Read the full review

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


October 2013

One unit, Five stars.

What Hi-Fi? magazine knows that trying to create the effect of a 5.1 speaker package in a single soundbar is far from an easy challenge – can our ASB-2 soundbar live up to it?

"This level of musicality is difficult to pull off in a soundbar, but as we watch and listen to U2: 360° At The Rose Bowl, the Monitor Audio comes across as enthusiastic, with a good sense of timing. During Where The Streets Have No Name, the guitar intro sounds sharp and precise but there’s still a lovely flow to it. And, when the song bursts into life, so does the ASB-2."

Read the full review

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User reviews

Darren King Monitor Audio UK


May 2014

I bought the ASB-2 back in January and I have to say this is one hell of a piece of kit, the dimensions are surprisingly small when you hear the immersive audiophile sound obtained from this sublime looking package. The detail you hear is amazing as is the definition and if you love your bass don't be put off with the lack of a Sub-woofer as you don't need it believe me!! All in all I am highly impressed with the sound quality, the build and the looks of the ASB-2 and would not hesitate to recommend this to my friends and family seeking an all in one solution for audiophile TV and Music without the wires and multi point speaker systems.

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