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Canada HiFi Magazine

Climate 80

June 2014

Climate 80s by Canada Hi-Fi

"I was immediately presented with clean, sweet sounding midrange, where most of the music and vocals take place.  Vocals were reproduced with accuracy and sang with realism.  String instruments offered great detail and texture.  All of the tracks I listened to had a rich, natural sound."

" I have no qualm saying that the Monitor Audio CL80 is the best sounding outdoor speaker I’ve had the pleasure of listening to because that’s truly the case.  This speaker enabled me to enjoy music outdoors like never before.  If you love your music and are looking to treat yourself to accurate outdoor sound this spring/summer, I would certainly take a good look at Monitor Audio’s Climate series of outdoor speakers.  Aside from a fantastic sound, you’ll be pleased with their versatile mounting options and rugged build quality.  With four different models, you’re sure to find one that suits your patio size and budget."

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User reviews

Tim Melling Monitor Audio UK


January 2017

Easy to install, with everything you need in the box. Great sound, I have used them both in, and outdoors to great effect.

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