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Gold 200

February 2016

Gold 200AV - Trusted Reviews Recommended

Our Gold series has received further acclaim, this time from seasoned industry reviewer Danny Phillips. The Gold 200AV 5.1 system has left a lasting impression for its balance of powerful yet detailed sound, earning a Trusted Reviews Recommended badge!

"With a scary amount of power on board, you get a huge soundstage with slamming explosions and deep omnidirectional bass from the superb subwoofer. And as I’ve come to expect from Monitor Audio, the sound is refined, articulate, thrilling and packed with detail."

"Compelling sound quality, jaw-dropping design and flexible setup make Monitor Audio’s high-end speaker system an outstanding proposition."

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Hi-Fi News Magazine

Gold 300

October 2015

Gold 300 - 'An Audiophile Bargain'!

Monitor Audio's Gold 300 has wowed esteemed reviewer John Bamford in another brilliant feature. Marvelling at the technology and premium finish, John awarded our floorstanding speaker the Hi-Fi News Outstanding Product badge!

"Priced considerably less than a king's ransom, this classy floorstander commands attention to the music, sounding open-mouthed and extended over an unusually wide frequency range"

Read the full review here or in the October 2015 issue of Hi-Fi News.

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Home Cinema Choice

Gold 300

October 2015

Gold 5.1 is a stunner!

October’s edition of Home Cinema Choice hosts a stunning review debut for the Gold 300AV 5.1 system. Awarding a Best Buy (rare at the price level) and five glorious stars in every category: Performance, Design, Features and Overall, the magazine’s home theatre doyen Adam Rayner concludes “So, the Gold 300AV costs plenty but offers enormity. It has the might and it has clarity. It can play sweet and linear at low levels or it can frighten the neighbours’ neighbours. The sheer bandwidth on tap is amazing and in truth, after admiring the design and finish and a little experimentation with the sub’s EQ settings, you’ll rapidly forget about the enclosures. The sound is immediately engaging, grasping you by the senses and dragging you into a movie with ease. With the Gold 300AV you get delicious performance in every direction. You could pay more and get less. Best buy, easy.”

Read the full review here or in the October 2015 issue of Home Cinema Choice.

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TED Magazine

Gold 200

October 2015

"Exemplary" Gold 200 sets a new standard for TED Magazine!

The team at French tech publication TED Magazine have been left in awe of our Gold 200 floorstanding speaker!

"I knew the GX50 and their impressive bass performance very well, and I was expecting an even more percussive result with the Gold 200, I was not deceived!"

Remarking on the scale and quality of sound reproduction, they were left amazed by the Gold 200's capabilities as it tackled a selection of music and film genres with ease.

"the impact and the depth of the bass are of of a level of quality rarely heard on speakers with such a small foot print"

"The voice reproduction is incredibly precise and three dimensional, the piano, the saxophone and the percussion are fantastic. The panorama of the two Golds extends across the entire front wall of my room, even if there's only two. I have to open my eyes to place them physically."

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Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

Gold 200

September 2015

Stars galore for the Gold 200!

September’s Hi-Fi Choice magazine welcomes our new Gold series with a glittering first review of the Gold 200.

Awarding maximum stars for sound, build quality and value, reviewer David Price says this “classy, versatile and highly capable floorstander” offers “a great depth of engineering” and “an intrinsic rightness and consistency that makes even complex productions so listenable”.

He says the Gold 200 delivers “a most impressive sound – snappy, spacious, fast and open… that makes for a vivid, seat-of-the-sofa listening experience.” Excellent driver integration provides “an open window into the recording”, and bass is “lithe and tuneful”.

Read the full review here or in issue 401 of Hi-Fi Choice.

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Gold 300

August 2015

"Beautifully designed" Gold 300 & W15 Subwoofer

A full five stars for our Gold 300 floorstanding speaker and Gold W15 subwoofer!

Reviewer Bob Barrett tests the 2.1 Gold series setup with an array of music and film; putting it to the test and experiencing what the series has to offer:

"the soundstage was very wide, again compliments of the ribbon transducer. And the Gold 300 speakers reproduced it all with the tonal neutrality found among only the best loudspeakers."

"The W15 provided an excellent deep-bass foundation, adding to the scale and impact of this selection."

"The beautifully designed Monitor Audio Gold Series system is the best-sounding surround system at its price point that I’ve ever heard, period."

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AVTech Media


December 2015

Big Consensus of Three Magazines makes our G300AV the Best!

Pooling the expertise of three specialist magazines: Hi Fi News, Hi Fi Choice and Home Cinema Choice, the UK’s AV Tech Awards are the best guide to performance you can get. So we’re really delighted that our new Gold 300AV system has been handed AV Tech’s ‘Best High-End Speaker System’ Award. The citation says “the Gold 300AV is a high-end system for serious cinephiles, capable of immense scale and power, yet subtlety and precision too. It’s immediately engaging, grasping you by the senses and pulling you into a movie with ease. If you’re looking for the gold standard in multichannel audio, this is it…”

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The Absolute Sounds Magazine


August 2016

Style Meets Substance

Every detail of his gravelly diction came nearly as alive as if he were in the room. Fiddle and acoustic guitar, too, were reproduced with noteworthy naturalness.

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