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November 2007

Classic compact speakers with a sound that's entirely up to date

"...I used a pair of the company's Studio 20 floorstanders as my reference speakers. And it seems I've been missing out on something! ...I biwired the GS10s to a variety of amplifiers and receivers, from the price-compatible to the just plain silly, and in each case the presentation combined commendable scale with open, fresh detail and a natural, unforced nature...they are capable of filling relatively large spaces with music without showing raggedness...these are really superb little speakers. "

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Hi-Fi Choice Magazine


September 2006

MA Strikes Gold

"There may be compromises, but on the whole, speakers either sing - or they don't. And this one most definitely sings!..."

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Hi-Fi Choice Magazine


October 2009

Grander Designs

"First class loudspeakers that successfully combine detail, emotion and atmosphere with pace and dynamics...Brilliant."

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The Inner Ear Magazine


January 2007

So Un-British

"...listeners can expect outstanding inner detail, crystal clear voices, subtle tonal hues and absolutely no colouration...the elegant fit and finish of these speakers will appeal to refined tastes...the various system combinations rendered sound through the Monitor Audio GS60s that was neither good nor great; rather, outstanding would be a more apt description!"

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Hi-Fi World Magazine


August 2006

Rock with you

"Wide open and spacious sounding, there is little that will get past them in any comparison..."

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Adi Levy Monitor Audio UK


June 2015

Built to highest standards, exceptional craftsmanship and phenomenal sound. I am sure it will be a very sought out collectors item in a few years! Already rare and hard to find - I'm wondering how many of these were ever sold?

Steve Boggan Monitor Audio UK


March 2015

I bought some of these several years ago and have just upgraded my amp - which only served to demonstrate the unbelievable range of these speakers.

I'm like a kid on Christmas Day all over again. I have a 1500sq ft space to fill, and these do it effortlessly. They, er, go up to 12.

Tibor Bozso Monitor Audio UK


August 2012

Amazing value for the money. Some people complaining about analytical highs or over bloomed bass, but that is not a case here. You have to have a very high quality system, to get the best out of these speakers. You just simply can't drive the GS60 with a Rotel, or NAD, or Arcam amplifier. You have to pair it with some high-end amp, and use the best source as possible, because these speakers are going to tell the truth. To build any system, is not easy, but you can't blame the speakers only, because of the rest of the system. I paired with the Sony SCD 5400 player, and the DK Design VS1. Reference amplifier, plus HT and LAT cables. Lots of amazing speakers out there, and I'm sure, the GS60 is one of them! I warmly recommend this speaker to anybody who loves music more than it's system. You don't have to look any further in the future, just listen to the wide variety of music or films if you like!

Ashwanth Radhakrishna Monitor Audio UK


December 2011

Hi i have owned the GS10 for a year and half now and it simply is a great speaker. It is a pleasure to listen to all genres of music. I strongly request anyone planning of buying a stand mount to hear their new GX range the one that replaces the GS. MA are great speakers both in terms of sound and build quality. Most of my friends are very impressed and are aspiring to own one. Listen to them before you buy any speaker.
Happy listening
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