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R one HD

April 2012

T3.com Radius R one HD review

The Gadget Guru's at T3.com have listened in on the Radius R one HD and here's a snippet of what they had to say...

"Designed simply for those simply wanting to reduce the number of speakers in either a 5.1 or 2.1 set-up, the R one HD is not your average soundbar."

"Surround sound can only be gotten from adding rear speakers (such as the matching R45HD rear bookshelf speakers, £190 per pair), and our sample also came with an active, wired Radius 370HD subwoofer. Fitted with three-inch Gold C-CAM dome tweeters and four Metal Matrix Polymer driver cones, the R one HD can be wall-mounted using fixings in the box."

"Despite it doing the work of three home cinema speakers, this speaker-excels. It won't impress as much in over-large home cinema, of course, but in our medium-sized test room (about 15x15ft) we were able to discern impressive separation in a multichannel mix."

Read the full review now on T3.com here.

Hi-Fi World Magazine


January 2010

Green Party

"...And oh those tweeters! Monitor Audio have a had a lot of experience with metal domes, and these were a joy to listen to...the MA’s had speed, grip and insight in spades – without a hint of harshness. It’s safe to say that I can’t remember hearing a better treble performance from a pair of £300 loudspeakers..."

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July 2009

Rich Sound in a Small, Elegant Speaker System

"...the finely polished real wood veneer, gold-plated binding post speaker connectors and excellent fit and finish, the mini Monitor system exudes quality...the Monitor Audio R90HD speakers sound like a larger bookshelf speaker and comfortably blend into almost any room decor...the subwoofer sounded full and deep...the mini-Monitors easily reproduced the wide dynamics...the R90HD mini Monitors will decieve the eyes, but not the ears. They're small enough to be virtually invisible but with their fine finish, you'll want to place them where they can be seen and appreciated...with sound that matches and exceeds many bookshelf speakers...I heartily recommend them!

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


November 2008

Radius revival for the HD generation

"Stylish, discreet and flexible design; very clear, solid and large delivery; awesomely authoritive subwoofer...the old Radius range was great but this new HD system is even better!"

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User reviews

J Monitor Audio UK


June 2015

I have had a couple of R90hd in my living room for the last couple of years, and I still think they sound great. The setup is simple: turntable, amp, speakers. They are not the most powerfull speakers around, but my living room is small and I don't need them loud or big.

I purchased this set because I was able to test a dozen of speakers at the shop. All of a similar size and power, and after a couple of hours of listening these MA sounded better to me than the rest.

I hope they last for years.

Jussi V Monitor Audio UK


July 2014

Excellent speaker!

Simon G Monitor Audio UK

R one HD

January 2014

Exceptional capabilities whilst keeping clutter to a minimum. Perfect for the sitting room, leaving the big floor standers for the cinema room.

Marcus L Monitor Audio UK


July 2013

V happy with these speakers. Just one word of advice - the bracket fits vertically to the wall (one screw above, one below) so if your speaker wire is chased into the wall, it might be an idea to do it at an angle and not vertically. Makes life easier.

Mark Lavery Monitor Audio UK


February 2013

Superb speakers - more than enough 'oomph' for most living room set-ups. Thumbs up!!!!!

Trevor Crone Monitor Audio UK


November 2012

An absolute delight both for music and home theatre. They replaced my aging Celestion A1's. I always felt the A1's tweeters were fantastic but the R270HD's tweeters sound even clearer, sharper, just wonderful imaging. I've teamed them with the R225HD centre speaker but kept my Celestion A series dipoles at the back. A Jamo THX sub delivers deep bass. Amazingly the sound is quite seamless. The three Radius HD speakers at the front cut through the most complex sound stage with ease and absolute clarity. These demure floor standers are just superb played at volume or whisper.

Chris Lee Monitor Audio UK


September 2012

I've had these speakers since Christmas 2010 and they are superb. The speakers are part of my home cinema set up (along with R45HD, R250HD R360HD and a Yam AV amp) I fully intended buying a different brand as I'd not heard of Monitor Audio at the time. Sevenoaks in Sheffield demo'd them for me and I'm sure glad they did. They look and sound phenominal and I recommend them highly.

ray singer Monitor Audio UK


January 2012

At last, speakers that I can really enjoy for serious music listening and my better half happy with their appearance. After Quad electrostatics ("they look like radiators!") large black floorstanders ("They're plain ugly!") my wife saw the tall, slim and white Radius and my marital life was peaceful once more .

Leo van Kassel Monitor Audio USA


February 2016

I have them now for one week, and i am verry happy, so much detail.

My wife is verry happy to.

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