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Hi-Fi World Magazine


January 2010

Green Party

"...And oh those tweeters! Monitor Audio have a had a lot of experience with metal domes, and these were a joy to listen to...the MA’s had speed, grip and insight in spades – without a hint of harshness. It’s safe to say that I can’t remember hearing a better treble performance from a pair of £300 loudspeakers..."

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July 2009

Rich Sound in a Small, Elegant Speaker System

"...the finely polished real wood veneer, gold-plated binding post speaker connectors and excellent fit and finish, the mini Monitor system exudes quality...the Monitor Audio R90HD speakers sound like a larger bookshelf speaker and comfortably blend into almost any room decor...the subwoofer sounded full and deep...the mini-Monitors easily reproduced the wide dynamics...the R90HD mini Monitors will decieve the eyes, but not the ears. They're small enough to be virtually invisible but with their fine finish, you'll want to place them where they can be seen and appreciated...with sound that matches and exceeds many bookshelf speakers...I heartily recommend them!

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


November 2008

Radius revival for the HD generation

"Stylish, discreet and flexible design; very clear, solid and large delivery; awesomely authoritive subwoofer...the old Radius range was great but this new HD system is even better!"

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De-Tox CD

Custom-developed for Monitor Audio and utilising advanced simulation technology, the new De-Tox CD will help you to run-in your speakers in less time and more comprehensively than is possible with music or other burn-in signals.