• C-CAM® tweeter design with damped rear chamber, providing improved clarity and wider operating range for HD audio formats
  • Dual 6” C-CAM® bass and bass/ mid-range drivers incorporate RST® technology
  • Cast polymer bass chassis design for better rigidity and lower reflection properties
  • Dual chamber bass reflex
  • HiVe®II port technology for better transient response and tighter bass
  • Single bolt through driver system, for increased overall bracing and rigidity
  • Rigid 19mm MDF construction throughout, employing radial and cross-bracing techniques for high rigidity resulting in low cabinet colouration
  • Floor level terminal location for easy access and neat cable routing
  • Invisible magnetic grille fixing provides clean visual styling when used with the grille off
  • Selected premium quality wood veneers or high gloss piano finishes.



System Format

3 Way

Frequency Response

32Hz - 35kHz

Sensitivity (1W@1M)


Nominal Impedance

4 Ohms

Maximum SPL (dBA)


Power Handling (RMS)


Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS)

50 - 175W

Bass Alignment

Bass reflex.
Twin HiVe®II port System

Tweeter Crossover Frequency

LF/MF: 300Hz
MF/HF: 2.2 kHz

Drive Unit Complement

2 x 6" RST® Bass drivers.
1 x 6" RST® Bass/Mid driver
1 x 1" (25mm) C-CAM® gold dome tweeter

Product External Dimensions: (H x W x D) inc. plinth & feet

960 x 275 x 388 mm
(37 13/16 x 10 13/16 x 15 1/4 inch)

Individual Weight

21.76 Kg (47.88 lb)

Professional reviews

Hi-Fi News Magazine


January 2013

RX8 Review in Hi-Fi News

The RX8 has trumped rivals to collect a ‘Highly Commended’ badge in February’s Hi-Fi News. Reviewer Adam Smith says “…not only do they have the biggest driver line-up, but the Monitor Audios also have the biggest sound of all the units on test. The Silver RX8’s are superbly dynamic, punchy and love to play loud…even better this was not all bang and boom, as the bass offered superlative levels of grip, punch and detail…they romp home with the ‘most speaker for your money’ award.”

Read the full review in the February issue of Hi-Fi News.

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


May 2010

Silver RX8 Review by What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision

"The RX8 is a two-and-a-half-way design and uses twin, 15cm bass drivers together, a 15cm mid/bass unit and gold dome tweeter. Considering the number of drive units being used, they show a remarkable sense of togetherness. Integration is impressive and all the drivers combine to leave a solid, seamless soundstage."

"High frequencies have a good level of detail and they're expertly controlled with no hardness to speak of. The midrange is similarly detailed: vocals are clear and crisp."

Read the full review

The Absolute Sounds Magazine


July 2010

Silver RX8 Review - Exceptional Performer by Chris Martens

".. but accurate tonal balance is only part of the story, because the Silver RX8 also offers excellent transient speed and definition, plus astonishingly high levels of resolution and detail. Put these qualities together and you've got a speaker that can dig way down into good recordings to retrieve layer upon layer of musically relevant details."

"In contrast to systems that have a subdued, comfortable, "polite" sound, the Silver RX8 system serves up high levels of refinement and detail with a real spirit of energy and gusto - a complimentary combination of virtues indeed."

Download the full review

Playback Magazine


December 2009

Silver RX 5.1 System Review (Silver RX8 floorstanding speaker, RX Centre, RX-FX and RXW-12 subwoofer)

"Now more than ever, Monitor's determination to offer audio products that deliver high-tech engineering at a fair price is especially welcome, and there is no better example of this than the firm's newly released Silver RX."

"Look at this system, in particular, if you like the idea of mid-priced speakers that probe the limits of sonic resolution and detail in ways that will remind you of much higher-end speakers. Expect an accurate, sensible size and overall build quality; the Silver RX speakers are compact enough not to dominate a room, yet they'll treat you to lovely woodwork and drivers too beautiful to hide behind grilles (unless you must, to keep children's fingers from poking at them)."

Read the full review

Hi-Fi World Magazine


December 2009

New Music

'Entertaining floorstander that brings light, pace and timing to all forms of music, making listening fun. Superb at the price.'

Download the full review

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User reviews

Hot Ratko Monitor Audio UK


December 2013

After years of playing with JBL I wanted somthing completely diferent. And different it is. It is as if I have a complete new CD collection. CDs I've already owned for a thousand years are sounding completely new for me.
All I want is more Monitor Audio.

BK Spacelab Monitor Audio UK


November 2012

The RX8's are awesome speakers! A big, powerful sound, plenty of bass weight and excellent details. Driving the speakers with Electrocompaniet PI 2. 5+ stars.

Gary Wong Monitor Audio UK


June 2011

I was looking for a pair of floor stand speakers for my luxman 505u and d06 sacd player. The listening environment is not large, just around 120 sq feet. The speakers work very well with my equipment and environment. I like the mid and high range of it very much. Even the bass has good performance with my small environment. All and all, a very good speaker at this price range.

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De-Tox CD

Custom-developed for Monitor Audio and utilising advanced simulation technology, the new De-Tox CD will help you to run-in your speakers in less time and more comprehensively than is possible with music or other burn-in signals.