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MA Speaker Mount

Professional reviews



December 2010

Home surround sound

"Monitor Audio's attractive and tactile, satin-finished speakers provide a scintillatingly detailed and seamless surround sound field with a potent sub providing plenty of bass."

Home Cinema Choice


January 2010

All Speakers great and small

"Their rugged build quality is superb and above all, the sound quality with hi-res film soundtracks is thrilling. Well worth auditioning."

Trusted Reviews


November 2009

Vector 5.1 surround system

"Positioned at the ‘affordable' end of the company's speaker spectrum, this compact sub/sat package comes in a single box and is the ideal option for people who want good performance but don't have a lot of space to play with. The speakers can also be bought separately should you wish to mix and match...An affordable, one-box system it may be, but that doesn't necessarily mean you have to compromise on sound quality...the technology inside them is inspired by the company's Radius HD range, which is a reassuring sign given how much we loved this system when we tested it earlier this year...The Monitor Audio Vector system is a magnificent performer and a great system all round, boasting stylish looks, solid build quality and best of all, a great price. The ideal choice if you're strapped for space and/or cash."

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Adrian Hatton Monitor Audio UK


January 2015

Had these for five years now and not a drop in performance! Will be recommending to a customer for a basement cinema we are currently installing -awesome!!

michael cunningham Monitor Audio UK


February 2012

first class sub