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Standing at nearly 1.2m tall, the PL300 is a majestic three-way floor-standing loudspeaker possessing the ability to generate the power and scale required to fill a larger room with awe-inspiring sound. Jaw-dropping dynamics, combined with supreme agility give the PL300 the power to paint the widest and most luminous of sonic pictures. It is a true wide-bandwidth speaker system, reproducing clean, natural frequencies ranging from 28Hz to 100kHz. Extremely accurate drivers, very low distortion networks and a sublimely inert cabinet structure combine to create a loudspeaker of immense sonic integrity: neutral, lifelike and totally refined.


  • Twin Ported HiVe® II technology
  • Sealed Mid-range TLE®
  • 2 x 8" long-throw RDT® bass drivers
  • 1 x 4" RDT® mid-range driver
  • 1 x C-CAM® high frequency ribbon transducer
  • All cabinet finishes have hand-upholstered front baffles in Ingleston Black premium grade leather
  • Finish options: Santos Rosewood veneer with clear gloss piano lacquer
    Ebony veneer with clear gloss piano lacquer
    Piano black gloss


Frequency Response: 28 Hz - 100 KHz
Sensitivity (1W@1M): 90 dB
Nominal Impedance: 4 Ohms
Maximum S.P.L
(Per pair in room):
118.6 dBA
Power Handling (RMS): 300 W
Recommended Amplifier Requirements (RMS): 100 - 300 W
Bass Alignment: Twin Ported HiVe II Technology
  Sealed Mid-range TLE
Mid / H.F Crossover Frequency: 4000 Hz
Bass Low Pass Crossover Frequency: 550 Hz
Driver Unit Complement: 2 x 8" long throw RDT bass drivers
1 x 4" RDT mid-range driver
1 x C-CAM high frequency ribbon transducer
External Dimensions -
Including Fixed Plinth & Feet
(H x W x D):
1113 x 410 x 470 mm
(43 13/16 x 16 1/8 x 18 1/2)
Weight (each) including Plinth:

43.8Kg (96.4lbs)


  • Piano Black LacquerPiano Black Lacquer
  • Santos Rosewood Real Wood VeneerSantos Rosewood Real Wood Veneer
  • Ebony Real Wood VeneerEbony Real Wood Veneer
  • LeatherLeather




Anti-Resonance Composite

Having various applications within a number of our speaker ranges, this high-tech Anti-Resonance Composite material is a thermo-set polymer loaded with minerals to provide very inert, optimally-damped components. Refined by Monitor Audio’s engineers initially for the Platinum series, ARC is ideal for acoustic design, where a high degree of structural rigidity and vibration damping is required in order to prevent the propagation of standing waves and modal resonances.

Ribbon Transducer

Ribbon Transducer

Monitor Audio's proprietary ribbon tweeter design uses an ultra-thin sandwich of C-CAM alloy suspended in a powerful transverse magnetic field of high energy NeFeB rare earth magnets. The ribbon serves as both voice coil and radiating diaphragm, with every part of the ribbon driven directly and simultaneously without energy storage. Having a mass of just 18mg, its diaphragm is able to start and stop in an instant, producing a transient response capable of defining the leading edge and natural harmonic resonance of complex musical sounds. Specified to reach ultra-high frequencies up to an elusive 100 kHz, Platinum’s magical ribbon tweeter will reproduce with ease every last nuance and detail from vinyl, CD, DVD-A and SACD, together with the wider bandwidth of Blu-ray.



RDT is a unique technology developed specifically by Monitor Audio's engineers for the Platinum series of loudspeakers*. Designed to reduce mass and increase cone stiffness, RDT applies ultra-thin skins of C-CAM to a core of honeycomb Nomex®** material, creating a structure which is extremely light but incredibly rigid. At only 40 microns thick, the C-CAM skins are half the thickness of a human hair, yet when bonded to the Nomex core they form an RDT cone, which is 150 times more rigid than a single layer of 200 micron C-CAM alloy, but has a fraction of the overall mass. These properties allow the cone to operate as a lightning-fast piston for a clearer more natural sound. The RDT cone's concave geometry has been refined by FEA analysis to provide a smooth frequency response and to eradicate break-up.

* PLW-15's driver is C-CAM only

** Nomex® is a registered trademark of E.I DuPont de Nemours and Company

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision logo

September 2009

PL300AV system

'...simply put, the PL300AV is a truly fabulous surround system, one of the best we've ever tried.'

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision logo

March 2008

Platinum PL300

'...the PL300 are some of the best speakers we've heard. The sound is simple to sum up: it's transparent and massively detailed...'

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Hi-Fi Choice Magazine logo

December 2007

Aiming High - PL300

''s a new departure for Monitor Audio - an unashamedly luxurious, technically ambitious loudspeaker...where decisions about material and construction techniques have been made with a purist focus, and largely without regard to cost or technical difficulty...the standard of fit and finish is nothing less than exquisite...the sounds of individual instruments are particularly well served...the effect is nothing short of breathtaking, providing some real spine-tingling moments, in a way that you often hear in a live music event, but rarely encounter in the reproduced article... 5k for a pair of speakers of this complexity, build quality and, above all, musical performance is far from extravagant.'

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Suono Magazine (Italy) logo

October 2007

Platinum PL300

AREADVD (German Webzine) logo

October 2007

Platinum 5.0 Surround System - reaching for the stars

"Need a massage for your eardrums? The new Monitor Audio Platinum series will spoil the auditory canals in a very special way thanks to its excellent sound characteristics. The surround presentations give you such a goose bump feeling, which is only possible with absolutely exceptional  systems. The excellent tuning between the front and centre speakers supplement themselves in the multi-channel operation to  an unbeatable, harmonising team and increase the listening pleasure...whoever would like to reach for the stars in their home cinema should  make a listening appointment at the MA Platinum."

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Audio Video Magazine (Russia) logo

July 2007

Precision accuracy: The PLATINUM PL300

"...however, the PL300 has a hugely optimistic middle range and unbelievable treble, because of the successful design of the tweeters. In this case, there is none of the expensive brightness of modern recordings or the “sand” of old recordings...choose a suitable environment and do some work on the room, and you will then have what some companies’ advertisements call “the ultimate purchase!"

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Hi-Fi World Magazine logo

June 2007

Heavy Mettle

"The PL300 has the feeling of being able to travel endlessly downward with nonchalant ease...bass lines strode along with muscular grip...paired with the right ancillaries this big beast sounds breathtakingly fast, dynamic and clear...the engineering is both unique and impressive...the PL300's bring life to music and can be overwhelmingly enjoyable."

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User Reviews

Average user rating: 3.3 (from 3 reviews)

  • Review Rating: 5

    20 November 2013 Luke Fehnert

    I have owned these speakers for 2 years now and they sound better and better. I suggest you use a good powerful valve amp with them to bring out their best form.

  • Review Rating: No Rating

    27 September 2013 Robert Lappin

    Our rosewood PL300s look absolutely fantastic on our burgundy axe minster carpet and next to our solid red gum entertainment unit. Our PL300s are used as the sound for our internet services, 55 t.v., DVDs, vinyl recordings and CDs. Despite the massive mid and upper massive bass performance our ears tell us that its the PL300's brilliant tweeter and its precise mid-range that makes film, songs and voice so life-like. Sadly our listening room just isn't big enough to do full justice to the deepest bass notes; in our home they seem a little muted.

  • Review Rating: 5

    20 March 2013 Manbat - AV Forums UK Manbat - AV Forums UK

    Its alive - it really is. I have just enjoyed a rather sublime several weeks with the PL300s.
    I can safely say that the PL300s are without a doubt marvelous speakers.
    They bring out instruments in a three dimensional soundstage, revealing obvious differences and nuances that have not been heard before.

    David Bowie - Sound and Vision - the rhythmic sound of the pss pss emanating from the front left speaker is like nothing I’ve heard before – its like the speaker is spitting at you (in a good way)

    Angelique Kidjo – Voodoo Child from the album Oremi – is simply stunning. There are so many things going on in this recording and you hear them all. Little whispers are abound in the track – but now I hear them in places that I didn’t think were in the recording. This is one of my test tracks and having listened to this on systems costing several times the value of my own – I give the PL’s a standing ovation. I listened to this track recently on some B&W 802d's with very expensive mono-blocks, cables, CD player - the PL300s easily held their own and IMO outperformed the 802’s in detail and clarity.

    Fink – Perfect Darkness – Again an array of detailed instruments with precise imaging.

    Elbow - live DTS recording is again brilliant.

    A selection of HD tracks in 24 bit 192 consisting of Jazz, classical and pop. The timbre of drums and vibration of strings is lovely – but what is also remarkably impressive is the ambience of the sound – the presence of music that you feel and sometimes makes the hair on the back of your head stand on end.

    A selection of Linn SACD samplers – were superb.

    Movies – I watched the three Dark Knight films in a row. Nearly 8 hours later there was no ear fatigue and I just kept creeping up the sound to thunderous levels and enjoyed it even more.

    I can’t say a bad word about these speakers. They are simply brilliant and if you are considering do not forget to audition them...

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SheerBrilliance Lacquer Polish

SheerBrilliance Lacquer Polish

Developed for Monitor Audio by Autoglym, the world-renowned expert in high quality car care and valeting products, SheerBrilliance Lacquer Polish is scientifically and specifically formulated to restore the deep rich lustre of all high gloss lacquer speaker finishes with a single easy application. By using SheerBrilliance Lacquer Polish, you'll experience the sumptuous 'as new' brilliance of your beloved speakers all over again!

SheerBrilliance Leather Cleaner & Protector

SheerBrilliance Leather Cleaner & Protector

First developed by Autoglym for selection by Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, Jaguar Cars Ltd, McLaren Cars Ltd, Morgan Cars Ltd, Bentley and Porsche, Monitor Audio's Leather Protector and Cleaner will give you the excellent results that leading brands expect. Both contain specialised cleaning and deodorizing agents designed to clean and freshen a leather baffle. Unlike harsher detergents the Cleaner has a neutral pH formulation and will not remove the essential oils, which keep leather supple and prevent surface cracking. The Protector is a carefully blended emulsion containing soaps and natural oils to protect and moisturise. Regular treatment will help preserve the natural appearance and characteristics of leather. To be used in conjunction with our Leather Cleaner on stained or soiled leather.

De-Tox CD

De-Tox CD

Custom-developed for Monitor Audio and utilising advanced simulation technology, the new De-Tox CD will help you to run-in your speakers in less time and more comprehensively than is possible with music or other burn-in signals.