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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision


October 2014

2014 Accolade Caps another Great Year for Mighty Radius

The stunning verdict in the ‘Best Style Package £1400-£1800’ category means that if you’re upgrading your home theatre sound with this kind of budget, you can’t buy better than the five-star Radius R90HT1 system! Seduced by the ‘punch and precision’ of our stylish space-saving compact, the review reads “the surround field is like an airtight unit, with effects flowing smoothly and consistently between each channel…with price, performance and practicality on its side, the Radius ticks all the boxes.”

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Home Cinema Choice

Radius R90HT1

February 2014

"One of the best compact 5.1 systems money can buy? Certainly."

The Radius R90HT1 speaker package achieved a Best Buy award and review In the latest issue of Home Cinema Choice magazine. Danny Phillips provides an in-depth account of his experience with our system:

"Whether pounding out the funky basslines of an Earth Wind and Fire track or teasing the darkly mellifluous tones of Gretchen Parlato's Henya, the R90HT1 demonstrates outstanding timing, agility and detail retrieval."

"Seamless, coherent soundstage; wonderful detail reproduction; superb bass grip and slam; stunning design."

Read the full review in the February 2014 issue of Home Cinema Choice magazine.

AVTech Media

Radius R90HT1

February 2014

AV Tech Media Awards 2014/2015: Radius R90HT1

Hi-Fi News, Hi-Fi Choice and Home Cinema Choice have teamed up for the AV Tech Media Awards 2014/2015, naming Monitor Audio the winner in two categories!

Radius R90HT1, our super compact AV system won "Best Compact Speaker System". "This system mixes both eager dynamism and impressive scale with poise and insight."

Read more in the AV Tech Media Awards supplement included with the Awards issues of Hi-Fi News, Hi-Fi Choice and Home Cinema Choice.

Trusted Reviews

Radius 90

December 2013

Latest Radius Gets a Perfect 10

Designer sat/sub speaker systems come and go, but one just keeps getting better. Back in the 90s Monitor Audio’s Radius showed the industry how to blend high performance and glossy good looks with rooms of any size, shape and colour. The latest Radius evolution burnishes a peerless reputation with even better sound and aesthetics as Danny Philips discovered when testing the new R90HT1 system for Trusted Reviews.

As a former ‘What Video’ editor and an experienced freelance tech journalist, Danny’s qualified to place the R90HT1 at the very top of the pecking order with a perfect 10/10 score and a coveted ‘Editor’s Choice’ badge. Citing a big soundstage from small speakers, superb detail and dialogue clarity and gorgeous build quality and design, he says “it’s beautifully made, offers powerful, polished sound quality and looks stunning – pretty much everything we look for in a speaker system. If you have the cash, it’s worth every penny… If you’re looking for a speaker system on a £1,500 budget then stick the R90HT1 on your shopping list pronto. We’ve heard some pretty special speaker systems of late, including the Quad L-ite Plus and the Cambridge Audio Aero, but the Radius trumps them all”.


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Hi-Fi Choice Magazine

Radius 90

November 2013

Hi-Fi Choice recommends Monitor Audio's Radius 90s.

The new Monitor Audio Radius 90 has secured a full five stars, as well as being dubbed a Hi-Fi Choice Recommended product in the December 2013 issue of Hi-Fi Choice magazine. Esteemed reviewer David Price praised their performance in the in-depth feature:

"Those unfamiliar with the Radius 90 who come into a room with a pair of them playing will often do two things; first they'll remark on how tiny they are, and then they'll ask, 'But where are the main speakers?'. This shows how they're able to make a sound that is almost TARDIS-like - one that totally defies their physical dimensions."

"The tweeter is superb; spacious and extended yet smooth and delicate, it makes for a wonderfully open and finely etched sound. The new mid/bass unit is more detailed and faster than before and this improves things further still. The end result is a little loudspeaker that's quite simply big audio dynamite!'

Read the full feature in the December issue of Hi-Fi Choice Magazine available now.

What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision

Radius R90HT1

October 2013

Best Style Speaker Package 2013

As the ‘Best style package £1400-£1800’, the R90HT1 “sounds wonderfully cohesive and entertaining – it’s up there with the very best at this price.” The 2013 award joins a cluster of accolades for the ground-breaking Radius line. Exemplified by the R90HT1, the latest Radius evolution is “a brilliantly balanced and multi-talented all-rounder.”

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision

Radius 45

September 2013

New Radius launches with five stars

The next generation of Radius has arrived, complete with new models, greater versatility and higher, wider, deeper sound. The eight-strong model line-up includes still slimmer versions of the 225 centre speaker and Radius One soundbar, together with a new Radius 200 centre-channel for shelf or rack mounting, and two enormously powerful yet super-compact active subwoofers: Radius 380 and 390.

And the re-energised line-up has already shown its quality by collecting five glorious stars from What Hi-Fi? Sound & Vision magazine. In its October 13 issue, the UK’s most dynamic forum for high value AV performance is suitably awed by the new Radius R90 HT1 package, starring the refreshed 90s, new 200 centre and bass-bulging R390 sub. It says “if you yearn for a discrete 5.1 set-up, this should be on your radar, because it’s a remarkable success…integration between fronts, rears and the sub is seamless. The surround field is gapless, effects flow between channels effortlessly and you’re immersed in the action…it (the 390) displays a potent combination of precision and weight with no fear of bottoming out or losing its grip”.

Living with great audio has never been easier.



Radius 270

May 2014

Radius 270: "a simple, elegant little speaker"

"My ears perked up right away when I heard the super-spacious, ambient soundstage the Radius 270 threw out on guitarist Gabor Szabo's The Sorcerer, a 1967 side recorded live at the Jazz Workshop in Boston."

"Marty Morrell's snare and cymbals seemed to be echoing off the hard walls of a medium-sized club. I loved the way the Radius 270 seemed to recreate the acoustics of the venue so precisely."

"Steely Dan's "Aja" sounded very smooth, with the hard-to-reproduce piano in the recording showing no trace of the unpleasant hardness most speakers give it. The 270s treated Donald Fagen's reedy voice just as carefully."

"Toto's "Rosanna," sounded positively huge through the Radius 270, with the colossal, reverberant sound I imagine the group was going for."

"I liked what the Radius 270 did with vocals in general; every singer I played through it sounded smooth, with no notable sibilance or midrange coloration." 

"These are excellent results. Any speaker that measures with no more than a ±3 dB variation on-axis is generally considered to be pretty well-engineered, and the Radius 270 meets that standard easily."  

"The advantage of the Radius 270 is that it gives you the refinement of those speakers (larger tower speakers) in a form factor that's vastly more appealing and much less likely to garner complaints from your significant other."

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User reviews

David Homersham Monitor Audio UK

Radius 45

February 2016

Had the radius kit now for 6 years and must say, the best set of small speakers I have ever owned. I am over 70, and once one of the 1st true HiFi dealers in the UK, and have to say these take some beating. They have moved with me 3 times, and have never thought of replacing them.Fabulous.

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